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Understanding the limitations but striving to improve and push through the limitations. Stretch incorporates muscles lengthening and exercises from dance training to help gain better flexibility in the muscles and joints. Training up the small muscles that are under utilised to help build better control and minimise injuries. Inclusive of passive and active stretches to get your body moving and feeling relax after.

Balance & Alignment

Using ballet techniques to train the stability in the body and the legs. It also strengthen the upper body for better posture and alignments and building up the strength in the ankles and leg muscles to prevent injuries. You will be working the right muscles and aching in the right places.


Gentle-paced yoga practice focusing on basics and alignment. Poses might be held for longer breathes to work on active engagement of the muscles and to build a solid foundation for your practise.


Power Flow

Fast-paced yoga practice focusing on movement with the breath that builds upon postures in a dynamic flow sequence. Poses and transitions may vary with options catered to individual’s practice. Be prepared to explore different arm balances/inversions/backbend.

Yin Yoga

Rejuvenate with the benefits of a Yin practice with this restorative class. Each pose will be held up to 3 to 5 minutes to fully relax the deep muscles and work on gentle lengthening of ligaments and tendons.

Cardio (Endurance)

Challenge yourself with this multi-functional full-body workout alternating between bursts of high-intensity exercises and low-intensity exercises at quick intervals. Be prepared for a pacy heart rate as your muscles experience time under tension.

The Hybrid

A perfect combination of HIIT and yoga. Go all out to pump up your heart rate, working on muscle strengthening and endurance through circuit-style workout. Ease off the tension through gentle yoga and stretches to ease those muscles as finisher.


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