Posture Analysis & The Purpose Behind It

For many people, you must be wondering why do you feel so much aches and pains and why do they occur? Alot of the time we tend to blame it on the actions or the activity that we had done during the day. You are partially right because in everything you do everyday, you will be unknowingly maintaining a certain Posture that could be directly or indirectly causing you problems. Little do we know, the Postures we habitually maintain everyday becomes the Posture we’ll live with unless we correct it.

Why does a hunchback have a hunchback?

Why do you have constant headaches?

Why does your lower back keep hurting everytime you bend forward?

Why do my toes feel numbing sensations when I stand for too long?

Well, to answer these questions is precisely why the habits and things we do from our day to day activities is cumulative and eventually builds up into a bag full of problems. Sometimes, your back problem might not be coming from your back but somewhere else. It’s in knowing how to trace these pain patterns that become important and helps you to fix these problems.

So why do we need to do a Posture Analysis? Simple answer, it helps us to find out muscle imbalances, spine related posture problems, habitual movements/ actions, daily activities and more. In our Posture Analysis, we have a few parts which are Static Analysis, Dynamic Analysis, Gait and specific movements to each person.

In Static Analysis, we visually look at the body and make notes on the deviations from the neutral positions of the body. Looking at points of the body such as the head, hips, shoulders, knees, ankles and feet. For Dynamic Analysis, we will get you to do slow squats, lunges and other common movements which will give us a gauge of which part of the body has muscles that could either be stiff, impinged, shortened or the body overcompensating due to injury etc. From these, we look at your gait or walk or jog to look at the pattern in which the movement is moving. You may not realise this but sometimes someone could be walking more to the right or left without knowing or even walk with a limp. Why? Habits. Therefore, we look at all this fine details to break the mould of habits and correct them.

By correcting this problems, we will not only reduce the chances of future posture related problems but will also make you more aware of how you are treating your body.

Pay attention to your body and you’ll see a big difference within weeks.