The Posture Lab Story

Not too long ago, The Posture Lab was just a play on words or a really innocent idea that never sparked much thought to how and what it was going to become. As a person, deeply entrenched within the world of exercise programming and having lectured for 2 years with LASALLE College of the Arts. It opened my eyes to see the world slightly different from what most Sports Scientist would see or imagine.

Having also dealt with the experience of Posture in my teaching days. We often questioned so many things but couldn’t get much of an answer out of the students other then the same old story from everyone. It began as something I was hoping to work with someone to do while teaching but it lost steam. I lost my job and so on and so forth but nevertheless the want to continue to look into this area gave me the extra boost to look and search deeper into the how’s and why’s of this subject.

All the days of questioning and researching and talking to industry professionals, bouncing ideas off each other and throwing the ball into many other peoples hand. We found that Posture is one of the deepest most influential topic that can shake and break a persons life with just a simple minor change in the body. From the tightness of the muscle, shifting of a bone and a nerve being compressed due to certain habits.

The simplest of things can cause the biggest of problems over time if not looked at. Therefore, after much thought, the name stuck and the quest to educate and help people became our main purpose and will always remain our purpose. We are in the business of helping not dissuading and rejecting. We hope to reach out to the wider community and continue in educating people about Posture. One person at a time! Follow us on our journey as we continue to share our knowledge and expertise with you!